Monday, October 18, 2010

Wonderful Day of Wonders!

Today started out normal enough: I didn't want to go to school. So because my roommate had just had her wisdom teeth out and was swollen....

like that I talked my way into being her personal caretaker for the day and stayed home so I could do homework as well as cater to her every whim.

After a couple of hours Necia and I went to Macey's to pick up some Raveolios from Macey's for her, as well as pick up a few things I needed. On the way there I was scanning the radio and happened upon "Land Down Under" by Men at Work.

I got so excited because, who doesn't love that song? We listened to it and a few others on that station. I even made it a preset because it's about the third station I've found in Logan that's not country.

Then it started playing "Land Down Under" again. This was weird, but for a minute we just went with it. And then I realized something: That was the last song I'd listened to on my iPod. Yes, I had inadvertently stumbled across my own iPod station via iTrip. Awesome.

We went shopping, then stopped at Subway for a quick bite.

As we were finishing our delicious sandwiches (black ham, if you wanted to know. With the works) Necia saw a man ordering who was pretty cute. As we were leaving we did a ring check. None. I told her she should leave her number on his car. She was too nervous so she told me to write the note. It said "Saw you in Subway. Thought you were cute. My number is 801-555-4398." She put it on his windshield (we knew which one it was because she'd seen him get out of his car) and drove away.

Nothing has happened yet and might not. But I hope we made his day. It sure made ours.

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  1. wow so brave!! I don't know if I could do it lol