Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life to this Point

It's interesting how something that happened recently can change your view of something in the past.
As I hope most of you know, Princess and the Frog came onto DVD last week. So of course I bought it.
I've watched it a few times since and it hit me: Hurricane Katrina was a big deal. When it happened, not knowing much about New Orleans or Mardi Gras or any such thing, I was just sad that our country had a hurricane. But New Orleans= big deal. Just a thought.

Spring Break was incredible! We left Thursday afternoon and came back Sunday afternoon. With many adventures on the way-- 7 of which included us almost dying. The most intense of which went as such: It was snowing on our way out of Wyoming into South Dakota to see Rushmore (the main goal of our road trip). It had been so cold that we'd forgotten to check the windshield wipers for ice as we tried to warm up in the car. There was some on them. Part way down the road we decided it'd be best to pull over and de-ice said windshield wipers. As Heidi (the driver) was headed towards a pull off we hit a patch of ice and began sliding. Right towards a pole. At moments like this time slows down. I realized we were going to hit the pole and my first thought was of Michelle (the one in the passenger seat) being hurt, then my car being crunched, then who I'd call. All I knew was we were inevitably going to hit this pole. I screamed. All of a sudden Heidi turned the wheel and we drove past the pole with no problems. Don't tell me miracles don't happen. Thanks Heidi, for reminding us to pray as we started out that day. Thanks Michelle for cartooning the incident.Last night I was lying on Heidi's floor when I smelled something odd. I had her smell it too. We thought it might be some sort of gas or other deadly odor. It was coming from the floor vents and so we texted the boys downstairs. Here's how it went:
Us: This is upstairs. We're making sure everyone's safe?

Boy: Everyone's safe from what?

Us: The gases seeping into our apartment.

Boy: Wow. Is it really bad? What's going on?

Us: There's a strange smell coming from our floor vents
that we can't place. Wanted to make sure you weren't dead.

Boy: Everyone's alive. Thanks. Well just open the windows.

Us: Good to know. Glad everyone's alive. Perhaps a mouse died.

Boy: Perhaps.

As awkward as this conversation was, it's not as awkward as the time they asked us if we fell in the shower. At church. Gotta love apartment complexes.

Debbie, Kaitlin, and Emily took me out for dinner yesterday where we had chicken enchilada soup at chili's. HIGHLY recommend it. We then had the Molten cake. Yum. We drove Emily home so she could study and went to Old Grist Mill to get some of their Heaven Brownies. Unfortunately they were out so we went to Smith's and got their good-but-not-amazing brownies. None of us could eat them after having our taste buds ready for Heaven. We went to their place and watched Benny and Joon. Even though Debbie was claiming she hated that movie. Part way through she asked "How could I ever think I hated this movie?" I knew she'd come around.
Also Johnny Depp is attractive. That's all.