Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Special #2- Movie Villains

What movie would be complete without some sort of villain? However, in some movies they outdo themselves. Here I have picked the Top 20 Movie Villains that scare me the most. Because Disney is, to me, it's own category, none of their characters we'll be included in this list. We'll start will Number 20.

20: Rothbart. I said I wasn't including Disney characters, but he's a NEST one so it's okay. Not only does this man use the black arts but he also has some of the most awesome facial expressions ever drawn on a cartoon character.

19: Fernand Mondego from Count of Monte Cristo. He's not particularly scary looking, but he does hold his best friend's life and future in his hands and uses it to get gain and destroy the best friend. We've all dealt with out own variation of Fernand and can therefore see first-hand how scary these types of villains really are.

18: The Duke. From Moulin Rouge, this man pulls "creepy" off to a T. He sees women (especially Satine) as property and almost rapes her in one scene. Very creepy. Very evil. I'm scared of him.

17: Rasputin. This is also not a Disney character. Just so you know. However, he scares me so much that even if he had been I still might have put him on. Fox did such a good job of making him look like the real Rasputin that the more I find out about the real one the more this one freaks me out. Not to mention he has the best villain song ever written.

16: Sheriff of Nottingham. This is one of my most hated villains and one of the only reasons why is that I love Robin Hood so much that, in my mind, anyone who hurts him deserves to be beaten. He's also creepy looking.

15: Jabba the Hutt. He's big, slimy, has abnormally short arms, and makes Leia wear practically nothing. Gross times 10. He makes me tingle from disgust. Also his tongue is nasty.

14: Norman Bates from Psycho. He is so attractive at the beginning of the movie, but as it goes on you realize he's... well... psycho. One of Alfred Hitchock's most famous and one of my personal favorites. It will turn you off to showers for a little while though.

13: Camerlengo Patrick McKenna from Angels & Demons. He looks like a good guy, he acts like a good guy, but he is a very bad guy. That's one of the reasons he creeps me out the most is because you want him so badly to be good. He murders innocent priests in torturous ways and shows no regret, except regret for being caught. I also hate this character because Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors so I was very mad when I realized he wasn't the one I was rooting for.

12: Saruman the White. This is one bad old dude. Not only that-- he beats up on other old dudes! Even now I sometimes have to close my eyes when he's throwing Gandalf around the room. He's another one of those "you think he's good but he's really bad" guys. And they usually turn out to be the worst kinds of evil.

11: Queen Bavmorda from Willow. Her entire life is set around finding and killing an innocent baby. That gives you villain points right there. But she adds to it by turning an entire army into pigs, using witchcraft in sacrifice, cutting herself (for part of the sacrifice), slapping people (including her own daughter), and imprisoning every pregnant woman in the kingdom before Elora is born. And they're not kept in very nice conditions either.

10: Annie Wilkes from Misery. I have never personally seen this movie, but what I read about it makes it sound pretty crazy. I have her so high because she doesn't kill. She tortures. Out of love.

9: Lex Luthor. This selection is like my sheriff of Nottingham choice. I chose him because he's so cruel to my favorite superhero Superman. That's not okay. He's highly intelligent and wealthy yet just uses it all to get more. He's ungrateful and evil.

8: Commodus from Gladiator. He makes free men slaves, has them fight to the death, and kills Maximus' family in cold-blood. To make matters worse, he deceives Maximus and tries to make is own sister sleep with him. Just talking about it is making me upset.

7: Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. Again, I've never seen it; but in researching this blog I felt I should include him. He captures and kills women to use their skins to build a "woman suit" for himself because he wants to be a woman but doesn't qualify for the surgery. The thought of wearing someone else's skin is enough to make me want to vomit. But not quite as much as the next one....

6: Hannibal Lecter, also from Silence of the Lambs. He eats his victims. The end.

5: Freddy Krueger from Nighmare on Elm Street. I have seen this one. Couldn't sleep for two days. He kills you in your sleep through your dreams in vicious ways. He's also one of the scariest looking movie characters I've ever seen.

4: Lord Voldemort. Not only does he divide his soul but he obsesses over one person for an entire lifetime and won't leave him alone. Not to mention all the evil things he did while he was still a normal human. He kills and tortures innocents.

3: The Joker from Dark Knight. Besides constantly lying about how he got his scars, he kills and tortures with no remorse. He knows the follies of man and extorts them to his advantage. He doesn't care about money or fame or power. He just wants to kill because he enjoys it. He laughs at it.
2: Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. He's another Joker character who kills for enjoyment. He moves in a creepier manner than the Joker and doesn't make jokes so there's no light to his character. He's pure evil.

And for number 1 we have a tie!! The first we'll discuss is Darth Vader.
First 1: Darth Vader. He can choke you from across the room for any reason and has no regret in doing that or even destroying a whole planet. He's also extremely intelligent and vile. The newer movies give his character more depth which makes it even more heartbreaking when he turns to the dark side. He hurts his wife, betrays his master, and kills younglings. He's also the more famous of the villains in the Star Wars saga. My roommates think he should be my number one. I disagree. I tied him only because we couldn't come to a consensus. He redeems himself in the end, so I think my next choice is the more appropriate for the number one spot.

Second 1: Darth Sidious. Darth Vader may have done a lot of evil things, but only because this man made him. He turned him to the dark side, used him as a weapon of evil, and destroyed his soul. To me, this makes his much worse. Not only that but he turns a republic into a dictatorship, deceives even the best of men (jedis) and kills Mace Windu in one of the most painful and dishonorable ways I can think of for a jedi. He's vicious and altogether pure evil with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. To me, he is the worst of the worst.

If you disagree with any of my choices of have more to add, feel free to comment! I'd love to know what you think.

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