Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it.- Julia Child

Twas the night before this one, and in Arnell three
Not a creature was stirring, except me

The rosemary in water and sugar did heat
So a lovely sorbet we all could eat

The nuts on the stove did toast
So of good food I soon could boast

A mix of cream and blue cheese
To go on grapes for my adorees

My cheesecake may have been like silk
If I'd used condensed instead of evaporated milk

The nuts were toasted all brown and warm
A wondrous meal was beginning to take form

The table was set with excitement galore
Before my good friends came through the door

I listened to holiday music with glee
As I made melon and cucumber chutney

The table finally topped with the appetizer and drinks
We all got ready to share some winks

Grapes rolled in nuts and cheese so blue
Unfortunately didn't impress the crew

Next up was a salad Caprese
A salad with Pesto, we think it's from Greece

The dinner my friends did seem to enjoy
While I did my best not to annoy (forced rhyme,sorry)

Heidi and April smiled at the dish
Another course was their only wish

On to our lemon rosemary sorbet
That cleansed our palate, chasing other tastes away

Then came the chutney with lime-curry steak
That took only half an hour to make

The brownie was made as the back up dessert
And a little chocolate garnish didn't hurt

After the big dinner was complete
Heidi and Ashley did dishes cuz they're so sweet!

I went to my room, and laid on my floor
While my eyes drooped and my feet grew sore

But as a deep sleep I did fight
I managed to say "Have a good night!"